Paper Proposal for the SBL/AAR Joint Conference (California; November, 2019)

This week, I have to finalize three paper proposals for the SBL/AAR joint conference in California (November 2019). My first paper will be on the meaning of James H. Cone in American theological and ethical tradition; this is based on two recent articles I published on Cone. My second paper will be on Wole Soyinka’s interpretation of African Traditional Religions. This is based on a book I published two years ago entitled “Radical Humanism and Generous Tolerance: Soyinka on Religion and Human Solidarity” (Hamilton Books, 2017). My third paper is a comparative analysis of the political theology of four Caribbean theologians on the intersections of theology, anthropology, decolonization, and human rights issues: Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Haiti), Idris Hamid (Trinidad), Noel Leo Erskine (Jamaica), Kortright Davis (Antigua and Barbuda). This presentation will be based on an article I published last year on the same subject matter with “Black Theology:An International Journal.”

If I submit three proposals, at least (I hope)one of them will be approved for presentation. 🙂

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