My Ideal Presidential Candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election in Plain and Simple Language:

My Ideal Presidential Candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election in Plain and Simple Language:

When it comes to voting and politics, I’m concerned primarily about these seven major issues I am looking for in a presidential candidate:

1) the candidate’s political and economic views:are they in favor of the poor and the economically-underrepresented population in our society? will they uplift and empower the poor and middle class in our country? will the candidate promote better economic opportunities and programs for the poor and middle class Americans and create laws to improve the economic gap between the poor and the rich?;

2) political affiliation: will the candidate’s policies support the bourgeoisie class and the blood-sucking capitalist institutions in our society while neglecting the well-being of the oppressed black and brown communities in the nation, and the under-served poor white people;

3) the candidate’s holistic vision for the country: will his or her political ideologies and actions contribute to human flourishing, strengthening our broken educational system (especially schools in poor white, black, and brown communities), strengthening the country’s infrastructures and economic deficit, etc; will the candidate uphold the rights and freedom of the American people and the undocumented immigrant population regardless of their sexuality, gender, race, disability, class, education, religion, and country of origin.

4) the candidate’s foreign policies: will he or she be another American president who will patrol the so-called third world countries and advance American imperialism executed through unjust wars, the economic exploitation of the developing world, and America’s hegemony in the world?;

5) the candidate’s moral leadership and life: I believe the American people and our children would like to emulate a president who embodies moral virtues and moral leadership such as goodness, hospitality, fairness, equality, equity, justice, commitment to one’s family and children, generosity, civility, citizenship, inclusive patriotism, generous tolerance, etc.

6) the candidate’s view of human life and human dignity: will the candidate protect the life of the unborn and do justice to the voiceless? will the candidate promote the rights of life of the unborn? will the candidate create policies to ensure the preservation of the life of those who are being incarcerated and placing behind bars? what will the candidate do to stop the mass incarceration crisis in our country?

7) the candidate’s viewpoint on race: will the presidential candidate work toward fostering better race relations in this country? will he combat against and eliminate racially-biased laws and public policies that disfranchise the black and brown populations in this country? will his or her policies advance racial fairness and economic equity for all Americans. Will his or he policies contribute to the healing of our racial wounds and animosity between people of different races and ethnicities in our society?

Briefly, that is my ideal presidential candidate for 2020.

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