Justice as Accountability

A lot of people don’t want to talk about justice because it demands accountability–both on a personal and corporate level. Another reason is that justice entails the change of behavior and transformative and restorative relationships.

However, one of the most distinguished virtues and coveted attributes of the Creator-God is justice. God is just. He acts justly towards all people and demands that the poor and the brokenhearted be treated with justice and loving care.

God is the exact embodiment of justice and righteousness.  His just character is linked directly to his holiness. Therefore, He has called all people and nations to walk in righteousness and integrity before Him, and commanded all people to practice justice and act justly towards one another.

When an individual fails to exercise justice towards another individual, that person says I’m not accountable to God and anyone else. The miscarriage of justice is a failure of the human heart.

When a nation fails to extend justice towards all citizens, that nation will be under divine wrath and says to Creator-God we are not accountable to you because we are our own masters.

May we be compelled to be a “justice people” and individuals whose justice  is defined as a lifestyle.

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