Honoring Christ on Social Media Venues

Just a little word of admonition:


How’s your rhetoric in different social media venues advancing the kingdom of God in society,  glorifying God in Christ, fostering love in public, & uniting the various expressions of the body of Christ?

If it is not accomplishing (or will not fulfill) any of these goals, think twice about what you intend to post online and how you interact with people on social media.

God should also be exalted and treasured in our thinking, public interactions, and our actions in the public sphere. If you’re doubtful that Christ will not be honored through your public interaction with individuals, just don’t do it.

The goal of the Christian mind is to savor Christ and  exalt the Triune God in all things. Whatever you do and think and whenever you act, think, act, and do it all to the glorious fame and praise of the Triune God in the world.

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