A 15 Year Research Project on Religion in Haiti

A 15 Year Research Project on Religion in Haiti

The next book I want to write about Haiti will be a complete religious history of the Haitian people. It will be a five volume work on the religious experience and diversity of the Haitian people and their African ancestors. This is a 10 to 15 year intellectual project. The tentative book titles are as follows:

1. “Before Ayiti: African Traditional Religion, Christianity, and Islam: The Religious Experience of our Ancestors” (Volume 1)

* I have already written two chapters on this book.

2. “The Faith of Haiti’s Founders” (Volume 2)

* I have already written a 46-page draft on the religious sensibility of Toussaint Louverture.

I continue my research on the religious commitment of President Alexandre Petion and King Henry Christophe.

3. “Haiti’s God: The Birth of Protestant Christianity in Haiti” (Volume 3)

4. “Catholic Christianity in Colonial Saint-Domingue and Postcolonial Haiti” (Volume 4)

5. “The Concept of God in Haitian Intellectual History and Literature” (Volume 5)

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