On America’s Two Major Political Parties

On America’s Two Major Political Parties

Most Americans are a two-party people. I suppose the party system is designed to reflect the present binary opposition and clash of worldviews between the democrats and the republicans. These current political parties in America are too decisice, centric, and tribal. 

Why do they even exist?

How are these current two political parties–Democratic and Republican– in the United States contributing to democratic progress and advancing American democratic ideals?

They should be abolished and declared unconstitutional. If certain  supposedly-democratic structures cease to be meaningful to “the people” and effective in carrying out the promise of democracy, what’s the use to safeguard them?

 If certain supposedly-democratic structures have failed to make society, human interactions, social interactions, and the political and civil societies more democratic and civil, why shouldn’t the people demand their abolition?

What are these two political parties currently doing to alleviate human suffering and poverty in the American society?

How are they helping the American poor and underprivileged American families to dream about future possibilities and realize those dreams?

Are they pursuing justice and equality  for the oppressed and minority?

If the current Democratic and Political parties symbolize America’s democratic sytem and life, then the American democracy is in deep crisis. 

To a certain degree, given the crisis of clear  consciousness and cogent thinking in American Evangelicalism, American Evangelical Christianity has made American politics less democratic and less effective. After Donald Trump gets elected on Tuesday, November 8,  U.S. Historians would inevitably reflect on that critical moment in American politics and will probably write this memorable line about American Evangelicalism:

The era of Donald Trump was the nadir of American Evangelical ethics and Evangelical polical consciousness.

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