The Sky is Your Limit: A morning conversation with my sons

The Sky is Your Limit: A morning conversation with my sons

Here’s how the conversation went this morning while I was on my way to drop the boys off to school:

Josh: Daddy,  I want to be a doctor or lawyer, or I will be a civics teacher.

* Josh wants to get a PhD in Government and Political Science. He also said that he wants to work for CNN and replace Anderson Cooper. Sorry, Anderson. You won’t have a job in a few

Terrence: It is hard to get a good career.

Me: Yes, it is hard; but, if you work hard and have the commitment, you can do it.

Me: your limit is the sky.

Josh: That’s not true, daddy. Astronauts have surpassed the sky. They have gone to the moon. 

Me: Well, “the sky is your limit” is a metaphor. It simply means no one can stop your dream.

You can even be the next President of the United States.

Josh: Okay, daddy.

*Metaphors and figures of speech are dangerous communication techniques for the little minds. Be careful when you use them. Lol

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