In Honor of the Legacy of Jacques Roumain and In Honor of the Haitian Poor

In Honor of the Legacy of Jacques Roumain

and In Honor of the Haitian Poor



I will not take a dime or any royalty from the publisher (Wipf and Sock) for my new book on Jacques Roumain: “Thinking in Public: Faith, Secular Humanism, and Development in Jacques Roumain” (May 2017).


I would like to honor the legacy of Jacques Roumain in three ways: (1) by writing a book about his life and ideas, which I have already done, (2) by emphasizing the importance of his ideas and legacy for Haitian democracy and Social Uplift programs in Haiti, and (3) to give all the royalties earned from this book to improve the literacy program and build a trade school in Port-Margot, Haiti.


After Jacques Roumain moved back to Haiti from Europe, he would spend the rest of his life fighting and protesting against the forces (both internal and external powers) that exploited Haitian workers and the poor in Haiti, and by  working on behalf of Haiti’s underclass, peasants, and the economically-disadvantaged in order that their social and economic conditions could be improved, and their children could have a promising future.


*Hence, when you order my new book on Jacques Roumain, I can assure you your contribution will help accomplish the stated goals or objectives. To me, to honor the legacy of Jacques Roumain is to be sensitive to the plight of the Haitian poor, to walk in solidarity with the peasant class and the disfranchised in the Haitian society, and to serve them and invest our talents, skills and money to improve the life and future of the least among us in the Haitian society.