When Race does not Matter: We Are all English!

When Race does not Matter: We are all English!

Here’s what happened to me at the College (Indian River State College) today (December 5, 2016). As I was making copies in the Copy Center, a white lady approached me and asked:

White lady: What do you teach at the College?

Me: I’m a Professor of English. I teach English Composition and

White Lady: Where are you from?

Me: Haiti

White Lady: I thought you were a teacher of a foreign language.

It is interesting how some people easily equate the English language with whiteness, and the fluency in the English language with intelligence.

* Almost every semester, unfortunately, I have to remind some of my white students that I’m a real English Professor, and in fact, accentuate that my PhD is in English Literary Studies.

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“Black People Refuse to Die: On Christian Discipleship and the Responsibility of White Evangelical Churches and Christians”

“Black People Refuse to Die: On Christian Discipleship and the Responsibility of White Evangelical Christians”

“Black People Refuse to Die: On Christian Discipleship and the Responsibility of White Evangelical Christians”

Many Evangelical White Christians find faults with the so-called secular vision and tenets of Black Lives Matter Movement. You even said you do not want to associate yourselves with the BLM. (I, myself, as an Evangelical Black Christian, do not embrace all the tenets of Black Lives Matter, but I do know it is premised primarily on the clarion call for justice, and the defense and promotion of black dignity and humanity in our culture). However, I would argue that you too could agree with the basic premise of the Movement that “Black Lives Matter,” and that Police Brutality leading to the unjust killing of Black people in America needs to Stop. What is “unchristian” about this moral position? Are we not our brother and sister’s keeper as confessional followers of Christ?

Black people, including black Christians who are your brothers and sisters in Christ, who live in constant fear of cultural and Police violence and terrorism, and the labyrinth of impending death in this society are not asking you to embrace those values that contradict those of the Christian faith. We just want you to use your power, influence, resources, and  “your white privileges” to fight with us for racial justice and our rights to exist in this society as children of God and citizens of this country. All we are asking is equal and fair treatment and protection by the same law. Our cause is more than a black and/or white matter: it is a human issue; it is love issue; it is a responsibility issue. It is an issue of your “silent voice.” We refuse to die. We also refuse to give away the future of our children and the next generation to come.

As human beings and Christians, it is unethical, unloving, and unbiblical to support a system in which white power triumphs; a system in which the white narrative is the only one that matters; a system in which white supremacy knows no boundary. I understand some of you my white evangelical brothers and sisters refuse to surrender the your power, influence, and cultural benefits that have shaped the white experience in America and in the world, which also have given you great dividends in this culture. Some of you are afraid if you’re on the right side of history and in solidarity with those who are suffering, mourning, and dying, you will lose your power and domination in the realm of culture, politics, economics, religion, etc. Interestingly, all of these are contrary to biblical Christianity and biblical discipleship. Relinquishing your power for the sake of Christ and for the sake of love is never a loss; it is the greatest act of Christian discipleship. Ultimately, it is the triumph and celebration of love in public.