How to live Now: On the Ethical and Dignified Life!

How to live Now: On the Ethical and Dignified Life!

The older I am getting (I am 45 now), the more I am realizing this world is really upside down and people are hurting and looking for a place of hope and a belonging community, and a reason to make sense of this constantly-changing world.

As an optimist, I am also finding out that people don’t really care about your academic pedigrees and achievements; rather, they want to know if you are a team player and consistent in your commitments, and if you care for them and have a heart to serve, mentor, and lead with empathy and understanding.

These are the qualities students are looking for in an instructor.

These are the coveted virtues that the people you are leading desire in a leader.

Thus, the greatest challenge is my personal responsibility to make this world more beautiful and harmonious where there’s despair and animosity, and to connect different human communities and unite people to each other where there is a long line of apparent difference and division.

The people in the world are hungry for something that is both transcendent and immanent, that is, a reference point for wisdom and a repository of human excellence and light.


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