“Between the Shores of Our Souls”: A New Poem

It’s been a few months since I composed a poem. I’ve worked on this new piece for two weeks, a poem I simply called “Between the Shores of Our Souls.” I hope you like it.

“Between the Shores of Our Souls”

I’ll hide your soul deep in me,
above the height of ocean frontiers
Like a tender wind between the sacred space of the moon and the sun
Growing feathers in my silent wings,
just to kiss the palm of your restless hands
I’ve measured my life with the ruler of your charm,
counted it worthy to mean something to you

I’ll be your order during the night and daylight
Offering you rain where the land is dried,
flowers and fresh leaves where spring does not blossom
To be the light of your forbidden steps
To make you smile in a loveless land
Your love urgent grows in memory last

I’ll be your promise of beauty and fantasy
Drying your tears with my silent words in rhyme
Washing your clothes with my gentle hands
To lift you to the top when hope wanders in despair
To sing the tune of an October love with broken words
I’ll sacrifice my dreams so you can dream about the rain and a new melody


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