10 Things (Highlights) to Remember from 2022

10 Things (Highlights) to Remember from 2022

  1. On behalf of the popular blog, Haiti Then and Now, from January to August 2022, I interviewed ten scholars for the well-known series called “Haitian & Haitianist Thinkers in the Public Space: An Interview Series.”
  2. Wifey and I vacationed in Dominican Republic in March.
  3. Family Trip/Vacation in Paris (France) and Lisbon (Portugal) in June.
  4. My little book on Christian catechism was translated in Spanish in June: “El Catecismo de la Nueva Vida para Niños” (English title: “The New Life Catechism for Children: 100 Questions and Answers to Teach Us to Live in Peace and Good Relationships in the World”).
  5. Katia and I celebrated 20 years of marriage in August, and we traveled to New York.
  6. My first book of poetry was published in August: “Pearls of Light in the Raindrops: Love Poems.”
  7. Josh got his Learner’s Permit in August.
  8. One of my most important books on theological education and Christian theology was published in September: “Theological Education and Christian Scholarship for Human Flourishing: Hermeneutics, Knowledge, and Multiculturalism” (Pickwick Publications).
  9. In October, I attended the 34th annual conference of Haitian Studies Association at Howard University and in November, was elected as the organization’s Vice President.
  10. The family relocated to Texas in December.

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