“15 Tips to Help Start the New Year and the New You”

“15 Tips To Help Start the New Year and the New You”

  1. Always be thankful for your health and life itself
  2. Be patient with yourself and find yourself a good mentor
  3. Always try to improve yourself educationally, socially, intellectually, and ethically
  4. Have high expectations and moral standards in whatever you do
  5. Always treat people with kindness and understanding
  6. Respect all people and acknowledge their dignity in all things
  7. Serve your community and contribute to human flourishing through your attitude, speech, writing, and actions.
  8. Always ask God for guidance and wisdom before you make a decision.
  9. Seek good counsel from people who care for you and love you
  10. Be humble and resist any attempt to be prideful or arrogant
  11. Make time to connect with new people and repair broken relationships if it’s all possible
  12. Think Big and Have a Grand vision about human cultures, life, and people
  13. Do not mistreat or disrespect a person because he or she is poor, uneducated, or does not have any social status.
  14. Be the difference you want to see in your family, community, or in your circles
  15. Cultivate a life of prayer and pursue godliness in all things

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