Farewell 2022: 5 Things to do before the end of the Year!

Farewell 2022: 5 Things to do before the end of the Year!

  1. Send off the final manuscript to the publisher: I am co-editing with the amazing scholars of religion Drs. Charlene Desir and Lewis A. Clormeus a book entitled “Interreligious Dialogue Between Vodou and Christianity”
  2. Publish Op-ed on Haiti Intervention situation: the readers of Haiti Then and Now will be happy to read this excellent piece by a well-known scholar and award-winning novelist.
  3. Contact several scholars for our interview series entitled: “Haitian/Haitianist Scholars in the Public Space: An Interview Series” (to read our most recent interviews, click on this link: https://haitithenandnow.wordpress.com/interviews/). I hope to welcome the new year 2023 with one of these published interviews.
  4. Finish writing a book chapter: this essay is on Haitian feminist activism and intellectual tradition for my forthcoming book “Haiti in a Global Frame: An Intellectual History” (University Press of Mississippi). I determine to finish this book in 2023. The book is two years past due!
  5. Finish writing a book proposal on the Greatest Black Theologian in the 20th century: It will be a book on the intellectual and theological life of James H. Cone.

I hope you have a restful and happy holiday season!


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