“A New Poem, 5 Giveaway Books”

“A New Poem, 5 Giveaway Books”

My new 3-stanza poem is called “20 Pearls of Light, 7300 Raindrops.” I wrote it very late last night and finished it early this morning. I am giving away five copies of the Spanish translation of my new book, “El Catecismo de la Nueva Vida para Niños: 100 Preguntas y Respuestas para enseñarnos a vivir en paz y en buenas relaciones en el mundo.”

2 Basic Rules to win the book:

  1. Leave a comment below describing in four to five sentences what you think the speaker in the poem is talking about; in other words, what is the overarching message of the poem?
  2. Choose one or two figures of speech or literary imagery in the poem and tell us the idea they convey.

*** The winner (s) will be announced Friday evening, July 8.

“20 Pearls of Light, 7300 Raindrops”

20 pearls of light created a spectacle of a newborn moon
To shy in the womb of a fallen tree
In a desert of vain delights and risky joys
A new union was made by the gods of the marching forests
It remains for seven thousand three hundred days.

20 falling raindrops moved at the speed of the turtles in the sky
Agitated by the river of the sun
To form a wandering cloud,
rested in the gentle hand of the yellow lake
At a time when the angel of rain and thunder created a new season of wonder
It sustains two hundred forty months of life and fidelity.

20 autumn leaves migrated from the dazzling wings of the green stars
To link up under the same shadow, the gentle care of a light fortress
A forever rose hand-dipped in pure platinum joy,
nested in the deepest parts of two lovers’ weary souls.
Built an alpine garden, a love made out of a mountaintop rock
to resist mortality and emptiness, against the perilous forces of time and nature
It moves forward for twenty eternal years.


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