“Obsession”: A New Poem to bid goodbye to January 2022!

I close the month of January with a new poem

January 30, 2022

I am writing this poem for you,
You are in my mind,
You are in my mind,
You are in my damn mind,
the only thing good on my mind,
you become my muse,
my dangerous love song unseen.
When I wake up every morning,
you are in my brain,
before I open up my eyes.
You are my eyesight,
when my vision goes blurry
and my world gets smaller,
I imagine your presence,
when I take my first breath,
you are with me,
strengthening me.

I am writing this poem for you,
the lines no one can erase
you are the first thought in the beginning,
the last idea in the end,
the stanza that sparks creativity,
the rhythm that makes poems dance
Forever in my mind,
the love song that is obscure,
I would rather die trying to think of you
than living without you,
in my mind,
you defined it,
and restored it.
I will fight to keep your memories,
in my mind,
the object of my affection,
my passion in action

I am writing this poem for you,
the words that blossom,
the flowers of life that keep giving,
the voice that echoes love,
in my mind,
your letter on the first date,
the first kiss at nightly walk,
in my mind,
the first embrace that binds our soul,
the last song of the night that keeps us whole,
You are in mind,
my inescapable trap
in any place in heaven,
where we are one again.

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