“Winter Births”: A poem for the New Year

As we are looking forward to the new year 2022, I wrote a new poem, “Winter Births,” to imagine a new experience of bliss and optimism. Happy reading, Good People!

“Winter Births”

The harsh weather of fall did not delay your coming.
You come in the spring and allow babies to be born
and live under your care,
before the spring temperatures set in and the parrots sing for joy,
you make new nests for orphaned birds.
Our best defense is to let go our desires to your affection.
You bloom in early autumn,
flourish as time comes near
we hold on to future possibilities,
rising to new eternities
kindness to all children you will be
satisfied youth you will make
When you are here, you add texture and meaning to the new start.

Like the snowdrops of the new dawn, the carnation of winter births,
lead us to the doorway of this new future,
Haven in a foreign land in summer blues,
give us a new passage of peace in winter,
the two faces of time, let us live the fantasy of your kind
diamond in the flesh, we are caught up in your love affair
memory and desire, stirring up our delight
You keep us warm, covering our pain
We are your imagination of tomorrow

Like the daffodils of March, your coming is first sight love,
wiping away the tears of year past
happiness vision you bring
feelings of hope after a long-rough summer
You, the new year, make joy new, pleasure wine delight
treasure love leads our way toward you
It cannot be duplicated,
nor should it be replaced by another form,
a new moment of joy you introduce
a new experience, a chorus of rousing cheers.
You, the sunny bloom hidden in the bosom of my mother.

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