“Love and Commitment Among Young People: Year 2022 and Beyond”

“Love and Commitment Among Young People: Year 2022 and Beyond”

Commitment to relationship in the twenty-first century is progressively becoming something of the past; it is indeed a rare occurrence between young people in the American culture and of this generation, especially among young American males.

Nonetheless, it gives me great joy and delight to see many young men in this generation are making more marriage proposals to their future spouses, and they’re cerebrating them openly on social media and with their friends. This attitude toward love gives me abundant hope as many young men in this generation are often afraid to love and worried about deliberate permanent commitment to relationships and intentional long-term marriages.

Let’s hope in the new year (2022), young people will give love another chance, will love more passionately and more actively, and will commit to each love more faithfully in loving relationships and marital bond.

Here are my five words of advice to you:

  1. Do not rush to love when the moment is not favorable.
  2. Do not postpone love when it is the right time and most beautiful thing to do at the moment.
  3. Genuine love and sustaining commitment work together, and they should never be separated in relationships or marriages.
  4. Love and desire are not the same, but desire fuels love toward beauty, kindness, passion, and reciprocity.
  5. Love should always link to passion to make it more envious, enticing, and delightful.
  6. Love is an imitation. Learn from those, including your parents, friends, and family members, who have cultivated years of strong bond of love and nurtured a life-commitment to endless love and fidelity.
  7. Always remember that love still remains the highest form of human virtue and the most desirable emotion among people, as well as the highest expression of self-giving, life-commitment, and human openness/hospitality.

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