“Stay in your LANE”

“Stay in your LANE”

I just don’t like when religious and biblical scholars, and theologians don’t stay in their “academic lane.” A PhD in Theology or Old Testament does not qualify someone to be an authority in the discipline of Chemistry or a specialist in Economics. Learning about God and Christian theology in seminary or Divinity school, or being well-versed in Biblical Studies scholarship does not make someone wise nor does this particular training encompass all different academic territories and epistemologies in the academia and higher learning. Studying the Bible, Yoruba religion, Spirit-based religions, the Qur’an, the Midrash, the Talmud, and the Vedas does not make anyone an expert on every academic discipline outside these religious systems or fields of religion and theology.

In the same line of thought, having a Phd in Physics or Molecular Biology does not make one an expert in Ancient History or Medicine.

If you do not know something, it is okay to say “I do not know.” Please do not mislead students or anyone else with false information or unqualified instructions.

Stay in your lane, my friend!

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