“Rememering Ahmaud Arbery: Justice is Love in Public”

“Rememering Ahmaud Arbery: Justice is Love in Public”

Today, the nation learned that the jurors declared their final verdict to the killers of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery and found all three guilty. We still need to remember Ahmaud Arbery and his family, and all of the innocent people who have been murdered unjustly in this country. Justice is a struggle in our legal system, but justice is what love looks like in public.

On May 8, 2020, I published an article for “The Witness” to reflect on the innocent death of Ahmaud Arbery and to lament on the dehumanization of Black and Brown lives in the American society, and the problem of justice in our Legal system. The title of the piece was “On Ahmaud Arbery, the Killing of Whiteness, & the Preservation of Black Lives “

“There’s something terribly wrong with this country’s justice system if we have to celebrate the arrest of those who have committed horrific acts of evil or violence against Black and African people.

That was the national response yesterday (May 7, 2020) when Glynn County Police Officers arrested the two white supremacists who slaughtered jogger Ahmaud Arbery on February 23, 2020, in Brunswick, Georgia. Arguably, this incident illustrates the gaping hole in America’s democratic wall.

If Black people in this country have to demand and plead for justice every time a crime is committed against us, there’s something tragic about our democracy, our collective moral conscience, and our regard for human life and dignity.”

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