Where were you on September 11, 2001?

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

*** On that day, I was still in College, following a course lecture: Introduction to New Testament II (If my memory is right?). It was my last semester in College to get my B.A. degree. I remember the entire school evacuated, and we were commanded to stand outside of our classrooms. Some of us went to the lawn, others in the street across the school. All classes were cancelled for the rest of the day. We were in shock. Anxiety overwhelmed us. Fear and terror shook our world and our existence. It was an awful day, a tragic moment. It seemed like things were falling apart; in fact, things did fall apart on that day.

Some of us went to the Chapel to cry and pray, and to be healed and restored; yet healing was not instantaneous because restoration of the soul, our inner being, could take days, months, even years. Sometimes, we experience death before healing; for some, death is the way to ultimate healing and the path to total restoration.

That was 20 yrs ago. I was a 23 yr-old young man.

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