“Every Life Counts”

” Every Life Counts”

Paradoxically, the United States might be the richest country in the world and the safest one for some people, but it is a miserable nation when it comes to championing human dignity and preserving human life. This country will never experience internal peace and racial harmony untill every life is deemed valuable and protected. Seriously, police officers need to stop killing young (Black and brown) people, the future of this country. The Commitment to the preservation of personhood (every life) is the first human right and the first act of American democracy for all.

Every human being is a person, and every person is a human being.
Every black woman/man is a person.
Every brown man/woman is a person.
Every brown man/woman is a person.
Every yellow woman/man is a person.
Every mixed man/woman is a person.
Every white woman/man is a person.

The human life is intrinsically connected to the personhood and humanhood. No matter what your race or ethnicity is, you are a human being and you are a person.

Paradoxically, many black and brown people from the Global South immigrate to this country to search for a better life, to dream of a more promising future for themselves and their children, and to escape (political) persecution and death. It is a great loss for one to leave his or her native land for an unknown place and a new experience; yet life in this land of refugee and freedom has become imaginably for some an existential risk, death itself. Nonetheless, I do dream of another country for the people and a more promising human experience and life in the present and future for all, and wherein every human breath and every human soul will experience the joy of living and the delight of bein human.

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