“Words Have Meanings : I don’t have enough faith to be a Derridean/Jacques Derrida”

“Words Have Meanings: I don’t have enough faith to be a Derridean/Jacques Derrida”

I am thankful to the good Lord for adding another year to my life. BIG 43 (March 6). The country of Ghana also turned 64 years old since its independence from the British Empire on March 6, 1957. Happy Independence Day, people of Ghana! I am 15 to 20% Ghanaian if I remember correctly from my ancestral record.

I am also thankful to you, good people and friends, for your multiple wishes and words of grace and friendship directed to me. I am forever grateful; you will always be in my heart 💙 💙 💙

They say people born in March are the most compassionate, the most joyful, the most trustworthy, and the most loyal friends so are you, good people. Yet I am still accepting birthday gifts. Hey, I want more books. 💘 😅 💃 🍷🎉

Just in case you didn’t know the meaning of my name: It simply means “light.” I explain further:

Célucien: the French word “Lucien” comes from the Latin word “Lucius,” and it is also the French form of “Luciano” (Italian, Portuguese, & Spanish) or the Greek “Lucianus” (or Loukianos/Lucianus in Ancient Greek= Λουκιανός), meaning “light.”

The Latin word “lux” means “light” or “to shine.”

In the Bible, the dude “Lucius of Cyrene” established the first Christian congregation in Antioch (Acts 13:1). Antioch was called the “cradle of Christianity.” The religious name “Christian” first emerged in Antioch. In other words, it was in Antioch that followers of Yeshua (“Jesus”) were first called “Christians,” designating their deliberate commitment to observing his teachings (Acts 11:26).

The prefix “ce” in my name is the Kreyòl rendering of the French “c’est,” meaning “this is” or “it is.”

Thus, Célucien means “this is light” or “it is light.” To “celucienize” (the verb) means to be the bearer of light and to shine forth and through.

I bear the light and shine wherever I am in the world; whoever becomes/is my friend shall never walk in darkness, but will shine in this life. Therefore, let us go celucienizing our community and the world. 😂 😂 😂

If you want to be in the light, walk with me in the light, just follow me,  as I follow Christ, the “Light of the world.” I just do not have enough faith to be a follower of Jacques Derrida nor to be a committed intellectual derridean. Words have meanings, and meanings give life to words!

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