“God in the Haitian Revolution”

“God in the Haitian Revolution”

I have to finish this interesting article I am writing about the role of God in the Haitian Revolution by this Friday. In particular, it explores the idea of God in Haitian literary imagination, with a special attention to & through an exegetical reading of the Poetry of the Haitian Independence. I like what I have written so far.

***You will be surprised to learn that the early poets of the Haitian Revolution rarely referenced the Vodou religion as a supernatural force that inspired the Haitian Revolution and the birth of the Republic of Haiti. That would change, however, with the poets of Haitian indigènisme and noirisme literary and cultural movements. The latter did a revision of Haitian history through poetic aesthetic and literary reimagination of the role of Vodou in the Haitian Revolution. Interestingly, the early nineteen century Haitian poets who wrote about the Haitian Revolution made the Christian God the author of the Haitian Revolution and appealed to the theological concept of divine providence to account for the inseparable twin events: the abolition of slavery through the Haitian Revolution, and the birth of the Haitian nation. By contrast, the latter Haitian poets who wrote in the second half of the twentieth century attributed the formation of the Republic of Haiti through the Haitian Revolution to the “Mystères” or the “Spirits (“Lwa yo”) of the Vodou faith.

Why do we then have different perspectives that are simultaneously theological, spiritual, ideological, and cultural about the Haitian Revolution and the birth of the nation-state of Haiti?


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