A Prayer for Guidance and Good Leadership for the Biden-Harris Administration

Today is “The Day” for a fresh start and for us to begin again, as a renewed nation and a people.

A Prayer for Guidance and Good Leadership

May the most wise God guide President Biden and Vice President Harris in administering justice for the poor, the wrongly-incarcerated, and the marginalized, and in leading this nation to make moral and ethical decisions that would contribute to the common good and human flourishing in this nation and in the world.

May the God of kindness lead this new administration to lead with truth, reason, kindness, grace, compassion, and in humility. May this new administration champion the cause of the poor, the sick, the fatherless, the widow, the orphan, the refugee, and the illegal immigrant.

May the God of providence influence the actions and ambitions of this new administration that would contribute to international friendship and solidarity, mutual respect and reciprocity, and human dignity and the sacredness of life in this nation and in the world.

May the God of love direct President Biden and his administration not to wage war with another nation and continue America’s imperial policies and military interventions in the developing countries and darker nations of the world.

May the most gracious God use the leadership of Biden-Harris to make this nation a people of compassion, hospitality, and justice.

May we all be the recipients of new divine graces and mercies on this day and forward.

In His Name, I pray.


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