Where would Jesus Be Today in America?

If Jesus were here in the states, where do you think he will be and with whom he will hang out?

a) My answer:

Jesus will be in America’s (dark) ghettos;

Jesus will be among the poor and homeless, the marginalized, and with those living under the bridge and sleeping in the streets;

Jesus will hang out with gangsters, prostitutes, pimps, the mass incarceration population, people infected with and dying of COVID-19, etc;

Jesus will also be found in dysfunctional homes and mental institutions;

Jesus will be with single mothers, dads, widows, orphans, undocumented immigrants, refugees, encaged children;

Jesus will also be in foster homes and visit some christian churches to cause some “good trouble. “

b) What is your answer?

c) Where do you think he wants his followers to be today?

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