“Beyond the Walls of Academia”

“Beyond the Walls of Academia”

Black scholars and thinkers should not spend all their energy writing back and countering every argument raised against the dignity and humanity of black and people of color. They should also create meaningful opportunities and strategic ways (1) to rebuild the black family; (2) to construct the black community; (3) to mentor black youths and adults; and (4) to invest in little black boys and black girls for a more optimistic black life and black community in the present and in the future, correspondingly.

The work of building democracy and constructing a new humanity and a more promising society is not the sacred duty of a particular race or ethnic group, especially in the context of a multicultural and multilingual American society. The project of building and constructing is indeed a multiracial and multicultural collaboration and endeavor. Hence, you go find existing allies in multicultural places; if they do not exist, work toward the goal to create multiracial and multicultural contexts to live a life in common, walk in solidarity, and to sustain a life of commitment and accountability to one another.

A life that is focused only in deconstructing not building is not worth living and maintaining.

A human experience whose goal is to dismantle and not to reconstruct is not worth keeping.

A house that is not unified around some common practical goals and meaningful objectives that will contribute to the common good and human flourishing in this American society will eventually fall when the bad rain comes and when the enemy breaks in the house.

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