“Multicultural Churches and the Rest of Us”

“Multicultural Churches and the Rest of Us”

Let’s talk for a few minutes about Multicultural Congregations or Churches in the United States! I will ask four questions. I would like us to have a conversation. Everyone is invited to participate in this conversation–both Christians and non-Christians, believers and unbelievers.

  1. If you’re currently attending a multicultural congregation, is the lead or senior pastor White or is the pastor, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, etc.?
  2. It seems to me and in most cases (I could be wrong here) that non-white Christians have no problem being led by a white senior pastor. By contrast, it appears to be a problem for white Christians to sit under the authority and leadership of a Black, Asian, or Hispanic senior pastor. Am I making a false assumption here? Are there valid and biblical reasons why there’s such a gap and unbalance relating to power, authority, and pastoral ministry in multicultural congregations?
  3. How can biblical scholars, Christian thinkers and writers, and theologians, as well as theological institutions and seminaries help shift the power dynamic in multicultural congregations?
  4. Do white Christians truly have a problem being taught, following the lead, sitting under the authority of a senior pastor who is not white?
  5. In what ways are multicultural congregations contributing to improve race relations in society and churches? Or are they also maintaining white supremacy and dominion, as it is present in various circles, institutions, systems, and communities outside the church?

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