“We Bid Goodbye to Your Religion”

“We Bid Goodbye to Your Religion”

We bid goodbye to your religion.
You who have taught our people the way of faith, but do not do the works of the faith.
Your agents defend the life in the womb, but do not save the life
outside the womb.
Your teachers have nurtured our people in the way of peace, but do not support the talk for peace in the Middle East.
Your preachers proclaim the Prince of peace, but do not believe in his
Creed of Peace.
You who despise the bastard children of the Empire, but do not
renounce the Western Empire.
We say farewell to your congregation.

You sing the love of God but support the racists who do not love.
The Christ cared for the poor and carried those waited at the
backdoor, but you rejected those living in the shadow of the front door.
your actions shut the door to our pain;
you complain because of our counterclaim.
your saints win the lost soul, but do not have a soul;
you say all are created in the image of the Father but treat our people
as if they are not from the same Father.
We shall not assemble with you again.

We shall bid goodbye to your christ because your message is not for us.
Your hospitality is not for those in the ghetto;
you follow those who reign in Washington D.C.;
you associate only with those in your fraternity;
We will not participate.

We shall bid goodbye to your god.
your actions cause
our desolation;
your satisfaction, our suffocation;
your silence, our alienation;
your demonstrations do not lead to
our restoration,
or our liberation;
We shall abandon your faith.
We will not remember your deeds.
We shall forget all your creeds.
We will not sing your sad melodies nor play your despairing hymns of tomorrow.
Your theology only brings us more sorrow;
Your christ is imprisoned in a system;
Your god is a friend of the system;
We must now bid goodbye to your religion.

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