10 Simple Truths about Human Nature

10 Simple Truths about Human Nature

  1. Vulnerability is not weakness, and weakness is not another word for cowardness.
  2. Courage is not commitment, but commitment may lead to a courageous life.
  3. Desire is not a substitution for love, but desire is the starting point for love.
  4. Mastership does not mean wisdom because wisdom is a life journey and a process of becoming.
  5. Craftiness is a wrong equation for reason.
  6. Lust may lead to motivation, but not to purity.
  7. Piety is not a safe haven for salvation and spiritual sovereignty.
  8. Boldness does not mean sacrifice, and sovereignty is a false pretense for freedom.
  9. (The) Human nature is an evolving mechanism that is subject to mutation and revolution.
  10. Revolutionary thinking is not always liberative, but radical love is always revolutionary and emancipative.

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