My New Book: “God our Maker and Caregiver: Creation, Fall, and Precepts: Book I” (January 2, 2020

“God our Maker and Caregiver: Creation, Fall, and Precepts: Book I” (Hope Outreach Productions, January 2, 2020)

–A new book (First book on a projected three volumes) for small group bible study and Sunday School setting, personal enrichment and devotional;
–145 pages + multiple conceptual charts;
–Focus on theological pedagogy, spiritual formation, biblical discipleship, and Christian education;
— divided into 21 lessons & 4 equal parts, recommended readings;
–practical group/study questions at the end of each lesson;
–each lesson includes a scriptural reading passage, a memory verse, key words and concepts, conceptual charts, & exegetical commentary and reflections;
–topics include the person and moral qualities of God, God, the natural world, and the created order, God, the poor, and the vulnerable, human beings and the ordinances of God, marriage, honoring parents, godly parenting, the conundrum of sin, Jesus and the law, Jesus and peacemaking and reconciliation;

–available for purchase on amazon;

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