“What Makes a Nation Great”

“What Makes a Nation Great”

The progress of a nation in economic strength and political and military power should not be equated with the moral consciousness of that nation to act justly, equitably, and fairly toward all of its citizens.

Power can’t buy compassion and money does not make people more generous toward the poor and the needy or toward each other. A nation that is not generous and kind toward its most vulnerable population is a nation without a soul and a people without a national consciousness. A democracy is not contingent upon the success of the individual, but of the collective, the people as a united front.

The greatness of a nation is reflected not only in its just laws and public policies–which forges the content of the nation’s character–that promote human flourishing and the common good, but also in the interventions of its government to act always in a manner that sustain human development and dignity, and national unity and human solidarity.

The quality of a nation is built upon the premise that the people share a collective identity and understanding of who they are in relation to each other and in relation to their responsibility to their country. This communitarian spirit is also grounded on the ethics of accountability and relationality that every citizen has worth and value, and every person has potential to transcend the odds of life and beat the spirit of defeat and failure. This is a collective and national effort, not the work of the individual citizen.

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