“Stop the Camps and Ban Detention Centers for Children”!

“Stop the Camps and Ban Detention Centers for Children”!

Evangelical Christians are the most powerful and influential (religious) groups in the American society. Not only the evangelical community has political and cultural influence in this society; it has economic and rhetorical power. The evangelical voice in various spheres and sectors in the American society is far-reaching and border-crossing.

If willing, the evangelical community can use its resources and voice to stop the detention, abuse, and exploitation of innocent children in the American detention camps and prisons.

If Evangelicals can march zealously for the life of the unborn by a million and consistently call for a national day of prayer by immeasurable number every year, and energetically they went to the voting booth and collectively elected the current President by 81%, why can’t the Evangelical community be consistent in displaying in public the same passion, rage, and applying these same ethical principles and moral values for the welfare of those
niños and niñas encaged in detention camps and prisons?

American Evangelicals should energetically march in Washington streets and in front of those detention camps and cause a “justice traffic” so this current administration could take appropriate and immediate political action and act justly, liberatively, and humanly toward the plot of the innocent incarcerated niños and niñas.

The justice-driven evangelicals and christians should pressure this government for accountability, political asylum, and freedom on behalf of this vulnerable and disenfranchised population, and ask the Government to stop camp detentions for children. The mistreatment of these poor children has been going on for two years now. Where’s the application and extension of the biblical cry for justice, hospitality, and freedom on behalf of the orphan and the fatherless, the needy and the marginalized?

***I have two little blacks girls (ages: 6 and 4) it would break my heart to see one of them experience this toxic living and various types of harassment (i.e sexual, psychological, verbal) as the brown children are currently facing in those U.S. detention camps.

Some questions to think about:

1. Do children have (unalienable) rights to exist & live in dignity as bearers of God’s image & glory?

2. Do all children have the same & equal rights, including brown, black, mixed, & white children?

3. If they do, are those rights local, regional, international, or border-crossing?


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