The Dangers of Social Justice?

“Going to the #SBC19? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from @tomascol @JoshBuice @TomBuck @PreacherMiller and Tom Nettles as they discuss the issues of social justice. #WokeChurch #SBC #SocialJustice””

A bunch of white guys, including a retired SBTS Professor, getting together to talk about social justice in the church? Are you serious? What a shame!

This is a clear example of how white privilege and white supremacy operate in today’s American Evangelicalism and Christian circles.

It would have been a much better & Gospel-centered choice for these gentlemen to meet to discuss what the Church in the twenty-first century can do to end police brutality, mass incarceration, anti-immigrant laws, sex slave & trafficking in America, poverty and gun violence in the hood and the ghetto, improving our broken education system in our dysfunctional schools, attending to the needs of the poor widow and the single mother of four children who can’t afford healthcare and pay for their overdue medical bills, etc. These are Gospel issues, folks!

***Did you notice the “Black Power” Fist on the social justice’s graphic?


These are the same individuals who believe they have authority and cultural credentials to tutor people on racial reconciliation and unity in the church!

How shall one pursue unity and improve interracial relations in the church and society in that context?

***The Gospel is also about justice of God in society and his plan to create a new humanity, created order, and a new government that are socially and politically just and equitable– in Jesus Christ. The promise of total and global justice is the promise of the Gospel and it is not just a future or eschatological event. Justice including its divine, biblical, social, economic, political, judicial, legal (i.e food justice, water justice, education justice, healthcare justice) etc., aspects are all embedded in the content and message of the Gospel. God the Creator of all people and the Sustainer of the world, through the Gospel of Christ, has called both men and women, both government and society, both christian and non-christian, and both religious and non-religious, not only to repent of their sins to find hope in Jesus alone, but also to practice and pursue justice and compassion in all spheres of life and areas of the social order.

The Gospel is about the justice of God in society and in the world, and one of those “justices” has a social component. The Word of God always calls men and women in both civil and political societies not just to make a spiritual decision for Christ; correspondingly, the Gospel has called men and women to make moral decisions and ethical choices and to orchestra and live by moral principles and political structures that are just and godly, which could contribute to a transformed society and human flourishing in the present. Hence, public policies (i.e.state, county, local) and Federal laws should be democratically just and equitable; they should not disenfranchise the most vulnerable and economically-disavantaged populations in our society nor place their lives on the margins.

The Gospel is not just what one just believes theologically and affirms intellectually. It is also the ethical and moral principles that one inhabits and lives out in the world and in relation to other individuals. The Gospel is not just a set of theological beliefs one embraces; It is also a set of practical convictional actions one performs. The Gospel is about identifying with Christ, imitaring his gracious and redeeming character, and demonstrating in public his liberative teachings and actions for the transformation of both spiritial condition and living conditions of human beings.

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