“On Christian Patriarchal Arrogance and Women in Christian and Pastoral Ministry”

“On Christian Patriarchal Arrogance and Women in Christian and Pastoral Ministry”

A. Women of God: Don’t pay attention to some Evangelical thinkers and Christian theologians who are telling you that you are not worthy enough, because you are not a man, but a woman, to use your gifts of preaching, teaching, and leadership to serve and lead the people of God in the Church.

B. Tell them Christian ministry has to do with gifting not male leadership, mutual submission not male hierarchy, interdependence not individualism, service not masculine power, humility not patriarchal triumphalism or pride.

C. Don’t let the so-called guardians of the faith fool you, undermine your gifts, or the integrity of your calling to Christian leadership and Pastoral ministry. Evangelical Theologians and Christian Biblical Scholars across various denominational expressions have held two views in regard to the role of women in Christian ministry: complementarianism and egalitarianism.

*** Always remember that theological hermeneutics has a political side to it, and male theological patriarchs have used Scriptures to deny women of their rights, silence their voice in the church, and erase their stories, histories, and contributions to the birth and advancement of Christianity in the world. Male-centered biblical interpretation is toxic to the future of the Christian church and Christianity in the world. It has not always been the best redemptive tool to liberate women from male oppression and masculine demand for submission nor has it always been an empowering rhetoric and project to promote the equal dignity and humanity of women with men. Rather, a Christocentric biblical hermeneutics always points women to the path of emancipation and eccesiastical participation and rescues them from christian patriarchal arrogance and triumphalism.

Finally, women of God, always remember that both male and female ministers and Christians “have in common” one Boss, Jesus Christ, and they “share in unity” one supreme Lord of the Church to whom they must submit and bow, Jesus Christ the Head of the Church.

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