Not so much of a Good Tuesday!

I want to say Happy Tuesday to you all, but I woke up this morning a little upset and very discontent about the “state” of this nation, and about America’s greatest contemporary enemy/ies to human decency, human flourishing, and interracial unity and reconciliation.

Over the course of the past two years, going on to the third year, white supremacy and white Christian nationalism have been fortified and substantially increased in number, and it appears that no (moral) force–political, cultural, legal, intellectual, religious, economic, etc.–in this nation can stop them from their politics of demonization and dehumanization, and ethics of terrorism and death.

Because white supremacy and white christian nationalism are a product of America’s political, cultural, legal, intellectual, religious, and economic system and structure, their ultimate demise in the immediate future is unpredictable and unthinkable.

May the gracious and sovereign God-LORD raise up a new generation of freedom fighters and men and women of character who will not bow down to the power and influence of America’s moral indecency and omnipresent demons: white supremacy and white christian nationalism!

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