Part 2: How Books Work in the Academia

Part 2: How Books Work in the Academia

To continue my conversation about how books work in the academic world and how scholars assess important texts within the scope and contour of their respective discipline, for example, I took shots of a variety of influential books in the disciplines of history, religion, Christian theology, literature, philosophy, etc. Do not be quick to say this method is subjective! Yes and/ or No!

Normally, when a good book is published within a field of study, it makes a big noise among the scholars of that discipline. How?
Well, the book is reviewed in multiple academic journals; in academic conferences, academics would refer to that book in their presentation or talk; scholars in that discipline recommend it to other academics and their school’s library; they include that book in the “required reading list” in their syllabus, doctoral comprehensive examinations, or recommend the book to be reviewed in journals; and at conferences, both national and international, academics would also hold panels to discuss the relevance and significance of that book.

In other words, there’s a scholarly consensus about the noted text in view.

In the photos below, you will find a few referenced texts or examples of the matter I’m discussing in this post; they also happen to be books I really like 🙂

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