The Will of the Haitian People and the Failure of Haitian Politicians

“The Will of the Haitian People and the Failure of Haitian Politicians”

There are a few good and strong leaders in comtemporary Haitian politics. Certainly, what we have in Haiti are a group of political charlatans who have no patriotic zeal and are insensitive to the well-being of the Haitian people and the future of the next generation.

Haitians politician always create chaos (supported by the International Community) and thus invite foreign intervention. This is exactly what Western imperialists are looking for to exercise their hegemony over the country and the life of the Haitian people. The spirit of dependency and toxic leadership is written in the back of their political jackets, which will lead to their own decline and ultimate destruction.

Haitian politicians have contributed to the failure of the Haitian state as a governing institution and a body of structure. The Haitian people, by contrast, do not fail their country. The Haitian State may be a troubled structure, but the Haitian people are not a trouble group. They might be terrorized and troubled by the actions and vices of their politicians, but they are not a threat nor a hindrance to the progress and future of their country.

Other countries do not develop other countries. Development, in all its dimensions and forms, is always and must be an internal affair. When our politicians and our people come to this understanding, we will make a step forward toward a better Haiti for all of her children.

Haitian Politicians have failed the Haitian State, but the Haitian People have remained true to Haiti’s foundational democratic principles and progressive ideas. The predicament in contemporary Haitian politics is the great divide that exists between the will and interests of the Haitian people and the actions and ideologies of Haitian politicians. That is the enormous clash in Haiti at the moment.

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