Jean-William Hérivel, First Haitian to receive a degree in Theology from Université de France in 1887!

Jean-William Hérivel may have been the first Haitian to study Christian Theology at the Université de France–Académie de Paris (Facultè de théologie protestante de Paris). In July 9, 1887, at 4:00 pm–two years after Joseph Anténor Firmin, the first Black anthropologist, published in Paris and in 1885 “De l’égalité des Races Humaines (Anthropologie Positive)–Mr. Hérivel defended his thesis and was awarded a Bachelier en théologie (B.A., Theology).

Hérivel’s thesis, “Haiti: Au Point de Vue Religieux” (Haiti: A Religious Perspective) was published the same year in the prestigious “Alencon: Imprimerie Typographique F. Guy. The thesis is about 41 pages; French theologian Ed. Vaugher served as the supervisor of the thesis, and F. Lightenberger was the Dean of the School.

I have a hardcopy of this important work in my home library. Here are a few pictures from the text:

One thought on “Jean-William Hérivel, First Haitian to receive a degree in Theology from Université de France in 1887!

  1. I believe that this may be one of the two Wesleyan Methodist ministers named Jean William Herivel who were born on the island of Alderney.
    The first Jean William Herivel arrived in Haiti in April 1874. He went to France to study in 1876. During the time Jean William was in France he married Eliza Moffatt who was the widow of a Port-au-Prince merchant
    The second Jean william Herivel went to Haiti after finishing his studies in 1879 and died of yellow fever in 188. Details from: Mignot, Eileen (20110, The adventure of Methodism in Alderney, St Martins Alderney:Westcraft Enerprises.
    Jan Herivel


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