“On Unity and Reconciliation”

“On Unity and Reconciliation”

When we Christians think about reconciliation and unity in terms of race relations and dynamics in American churches and society, what is it exactly do we want or desire to pursue?

The Oxford Dictionary defines reconciliation in three broad areas and categories, followed by an example for each conceptualization or definition:

“1.The restoration of friendly relations.

‘his reconciliation with your uncle’
count noun ‘the earl was seeking a reconciliation with his wife’

2. The action of making one view or belief compatible with another.

‘any possibility of reconciliation between such clearly opposed positions’
More example sentences

3. The action of making financial accounts consistent; harmonization.

‘the reconciliation process should be consistent with the business strategy.'”

Accordingly, reconciliation is a project that aims at restoring friendship, promoting a shared worldview or a common perspective on (certain) issues, and promoting balance, harmony or consistency in life and in human interactions and relationships.

How’s the Oxford rendering of reconciliation differ, challenge, or harmonize the biblical call for Christian unity and (human) reconciliation in the body of Christ and in society?

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