God, Identity, & Black Girls’ Hair

Black girls: It’s okay to love your hair. It is a gift from God, your Creator. He loves you just the way you are.

1. Be proud of the hair God has designed for you! He did not make any mistake to fashion it that way.

2. Be proud of you are in Him!

Your hair is from Him, and He loves your black hair just the way He adores you for you!


***I never understood why some women somehow associate their identity and sometimes their worth with their hair until I had my own daughters, who are now 5 and 4. Their hair is a big deal. Last night, Emily, my four-year old daughter, came to me and asked me to fix her hair before she went to bed because “she did not want it to be messed up” (that was her own words, not mine!) I fixed her hair twice that night because she did not like it the first time I fixed it. I had to try a second time.

Two weeks ago, Abby, the five-year old, has asked me if I like her hair and if I thought she was beautiful after she looked in the mirror to make sure her hair was carefully brushed, combed, and spotless.

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