“21 Great Tips for Young Immigrants”

“21 Great Tips for Young Immigrants”

Young people from immigrant families or young immigrants in general need to know that they too can make tremendous contributions to the American society and their native land. Here are a few (21 tips) suggestions from me:

1. Acknowledge God in all you do and allow him to guide your path.

2. Be humble.

3. Be ambitious and goal-oriented.

4. Work had.

5. Commit yourself to achieving your dream or the career you want to pursue.

6. Avoid bad company.

7. Don’t do drugs.

8. Respect your parents.

9. Respect authority and elderly people.

10. Don’t mind people who make fun of you because you speak English with an accent. Speaking English without an accent or like a native-born American does not guarantee that you are/will be intelligent, have wisdom, and will be successful.

11. Be and trust yourself.

12. Have a few good role models in your life.

13. Read widely and interdisciplinarily.

14. Read good books and good authors.

15. Learn how to read and write well.

16. Don’t give up (on your dream) until you reach the highest star.

17. Remember who you are and where you come from.

18. Use your talents, skills, and assets to make a difference in your community.

19. Don’t forget those you have left behind, especially those in the country of your birth or your parents’ native land.

20. Be a good steward of your time and resources.

21. Never cease to give thanks to God

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