Tenure and Promotion at IRSC

Tenure and Promotion at IRSC

I am pleased to announce that I have received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor at Indian River States College.

I work with some of the most brilliant, generous, and student-centered colleagues in the Department of English, Modern Languages, and Communication at IRSC.

I thank Jesus for his faithfulness toward me during these five years of teaching at IRSC. He is my Resting Place!

I’m grateful to my supporting wife Katia Laurent-Joseph and our amazing children for their patience and kindness toward daddy. You are my Rock and Joy!

I’m thankful to my IRSC colleagues and administration. You are amazing!

I have so many friends who have supported and encouraged me as a young professor and scholar–during these past five years. You know who you are. I will not list your names. You are wonderful! 🙂


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