The Moral Problems of Our Times!

What are the moral problems of our times?
Here are a selected few:

The immigration crisis is a moral problem.
Separating children from their parents is a moral problem.
Mistreating the poor and the homeless is a moral problem.
Poverty is a moral problem.
Abortion is a moral problem.
Pedophilia is a moral problem.
Racism is a moral problem.
Adultery is a moral problem.
Beating one’s spouse is a moral problem.
Hunger is a moral problem.
Stealing is a moral problem.
Sexism is a moral problem.
Homophobia is a moral problem.
Xenophobia is a moral problem.
Living life without Jesus is a moral problem.
Sin is a moral problem.

These moral problems are inherently Gospel issues.

*** What else would you add to the list?

2 thoughts on “The Moral Problems of Our Times!

  1. My brother, like you, it pains me that children should be separated from their parents. I do not know if you will agree with me but government cannot always take the blame for it. Let us take the immigration issue in the USA for instance, before the government is even involved, you have parents who pay an arm and a leg for human traffickers to take them across many borders to get them into the US. According to Deuteronomy 32:8, God is the one who delineates the nations. If the United States (or any other nation) exists, it is because of God’s will. They have to secure their borders. They made up laws that keep those inside safe. There is a lawful way to get inside any nation. If my neighbor gets inside my house without my consent, I could call the police who would put him in jail for trespassing, and he would be separated from his children if he has any. The responsibility of the separation should first fall on the parent who takes the risk, not on the government who upholds its laws. Even though immigration is trending right now, there are more serious child-parent separation issues that are not being debated out there. For instance, underaged girls do not need parental consent to get an abortion in states like Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C. New York, New Jersey and many others. Moreover, until laws were passed to change that, homeschooling your own children was illegal in California. The government wanted them in the public setting so they could teach them “tolerance,” something they believe homeschool parents seriously lack. Furthermore, if anyone commits any crime that deserves incarceration, it is morally imperative to separate that individual from his/her children (unless the children are sent to prison with them – immoral). As Christians, we have to be welcoming and forgiving. If someone gets into the country illegally, we have to make every effort to keep them in and advocate for them to stay, but we will not argue that it is a moral crisis created by the government, especially one that is doing its job (Romans 13:1). We show people grace but we do not exonerate them from sinful behaviors. If we must be relevant as people of God, our morality must be perfect: truth must be spoken of with clarity no matter how painful it is.


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