(Medical) Mission Trip to Haiti: July 17-26, 2018

(Medical) Mission Trip to Haiti: July 17-26, 2018

A team of  individuals from Hope for Today Outreach and New Beginning International Ministries, and a team of nurses from the Treasure Coast (Florida) will be going to Haiti in July 17-26, 2018 for a mission trip.

Through collaboration with our active partners, we will provide the following resources to the Haitian people: medical clinics; distribution of school supplies and backpacks; distribution of food, clothing, and literacy materials; leadership and educational conferences; ministerial training; community evangelism and prayer walk, etc.

We will provide free medical consultation to families and children and be distributing first medical aids/over-the-counter medications. We will also provide hot meals, food, clothing, and shoes to Haitian families, and school supplies to Haitian students for the academic year, 2018-2019.


If you are unable to join us this year, we hope you will consider donating supplies and resources toward this mission trip; here are the list of the items we are collecting:

1. Backpacks

2. Notebooks & Binders/Composition notebooks

3. Pencils, pens, color crayons, erasers, glue sticks, rulers, pencil sharpeners, etc.

4. Socks–any size for elementary to high school students.

*Our goal this year is to provide school supplies to 400 Haitian families. The deadline to provide any of the items listed above is May 31, 2018. We will ship the items in the first week of June to get there on time.

You can contact me directly at celucienjoseph@gmail.com (Dr. Lou). We would love to hear from you. We can be reached in a number of ways:

• By Mail

Hope for Today Outreach (HTO)
P.O. Box 7353
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34985

• By Phone


• By Email


Have an Awesome day!

Pastor Joseph


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