“A Morning Prayer to God for Consolation”

“A Morning Prayer to God for Consolation”

Lord, I’m tired. We are tired.

How long will we know the way of peace?

How long will we experience unity and grace?

How long will our suffering, tears, alienation, and pain be ceased?

How long will we be treated with love, dignity, and as your Image Bearer?

How long shall we wait for You, Oh Lord?

How long?
How long?
How long?

I am tired. We are tired. Do not be silent about our tears and complaints!

How long, Oh God the Sovereign Lord of the universe and all people?

I am an intercessor. I pray for peace and unity in our country and the world. I pray for justice, and I pray for racial healing and reconciliation in our nation. I pray for God’s reign to go unrestrained in our hearts and in the world. I pray for the Spirit of God to move in our community, in the city, and every home without any human interference. I pray to God to restore our hearts and make us new again. Most importantly, I pray for the light of Christ to penetrate every heart and transform every soul. Our prayers to God are always shaped by our social realities and circumstances; God hears the prayers of the saints and respond quickly to the prayers of the vulnerable, and especially those who trust in Him, those have been/are being mistreated, dehumanized, as well as those who have no hope in the justice system of this society and the world.

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