Letter to Evangelical Christians in America: Let Your Passion be Single: Jesus Christ and the predicament of the Evangelical Soul

Letter to Evangelical Christians in America

Subject: Let Your Passion be Single: Jesus Christ and the predicament of the Evangelical Soul

The crisis of contemporary American Evangelicalism is a radical shifting of allegiance and submission–from the sovereign lordship of Jesus Christ to the worship of a different master-lord:the cultural masters and political idols of this age. This form of cultural evangelicalism must die in order for King Jesus to resurrect the Evangelical soul from its predicament, and to reign supreme and without restraint in American Christian churches and Evangelical communities. The evangelical conscience in our contemporary culture has undergone a paradigm shift that silences the voice and conscience of the Spirit of God in public places.

When evangelicals think, act, and behave poorly, both in the public and private sphere, in matters of political and cultural choices, ethical and moral decisions, civic participation and community engagement, they become the worst enemy of the faith they claim to proclaim and the God they claim to love and serve. The passion of evangelicals for cultural supremacy and their zeal for political power, and racial privileges and class advantages is the antithesis of biblical Christianity and the way of the cross and the call to self-denial.

Jesus Christ is so much better and more delightful than a transient government, ephemeral political joys and victories, and temporary cultural triumphalism and human supremacy.

Evangelicals: you have sold your souls to cultural prostitutes and political demons. They are distractors of your faith and public witness. You must learn to give up (your) ungodly passions, power, privileges, and dominance in order to proclaim the way of the cross and let people wonder about the infinite value and worth, and wonderful salvation of Jesus Christ.

Let your passion be single!

Let God repair the Evangelical conscience!

To the glorious praise of the triune God and our Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Joseph

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