Let teachers carry books to class  and cops carry guns to the street!

Let teachers carry books to class and cops carry guns to the street!

A teacher is an educator who is professionally trained to teach and educate students. The primary role of a teacher is not to ensure the physical safety of his or her students, but to teach. While teachers are also expected to ensure the safety of their students, but it is always through the instrument of language and the display of their moral virtues and exemplary character in the classroom, as well as through the modeling to students human dignity, mutual respect, tolerance, good citizenship, and common understanding.

The School of Education does not provide instructions to teachers on firearms or how to handle guns; by contrast, it is the duty of the Police Academy to fulfill this objective to those who are called to the Police Force or armed forces.

In the same line of thought, a school counselor advises his or her students; a physician or nurse provides medical care and healing to his or her patient; an attorney provides legal advice to his or her clients; a minister nourishes the soul of his or her congregation; and a mechanic fixes automobiles. None of these professionals is expected to render adequate and satisfactory service (in his or her respective discipline) to his or her customers, clients, patients by bearing a protective firearm.

A teacher is not a police officer or a security guard. To suggest that a teacher should carry a firearm to the classroom just in case of a potential threat of death or mass shooting in schools contradicts the philosophy of teaching and the core values and goals of education. This is an unethical demand!

Let teachers carry books and cops carry guns!

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