To Have Christ is Life!

Some Random Thoughts

1. To give one’s life away to Christ and for his sake is never a sacrifice or a loss.

This act of self-giving leads to the process of participating and delighting in the saving life and knowledge of Christ.

Jesus Christ is sinners’ friend. His kindness has no bound.

2. Yahweh is King forever!

Empires come, flourish, conquer, and fall. If you don’t believe me, pick up a good history book on the ancient world and civilizations. The empires of this age will not last, but God’s kingdom will not be conquered or destroyed.

Some nation-states and people rely in the power of their missiles, bombs, and the glory of their military forces, but we will trust in the strength, might, and intervention of Yahweh our God!

3. Yahweh, the Sovereign Lord

The biblical God and writers did in fact acknowledge the existence of other gods. However, the God (Yahweh) of the Bible declared that they were not true gods because they were made with human hands, that is they were human invention and subject to weakness. The human-made gods, according to the biblical witness, are also idols. By contrast, Yahweh presents himself as the sole Creator of heavens and the earth, and as the cosmic un-created Deity and the sovereign Ruler of the universe and human history, and no idol or god can threaten his plans or stop his hands.

Rest assured that Yahweh has total control over human history and the gods and demon forces in this world; correspondingly, he knows every detail of your life. He will bring you out of the labyrinth of pain, despair, desolation, and death.

4. The problem in contemporary American Christianity is not a lack of the knowledge of God, but the implications of knowing God truly and genuinely relating to practical matters of life such as justice, love, hospitality, and care for the poor and the refugees/immigrants.

5. God has not overlooked and bypassed any ethnic group, tribe, language, race, nation, or people in the meganarratives of or in the smallest detail in human history. God has worked through human cultures and traditions to make his name known to his creation and people.

The biblical God is not a silent or an absent Deity in global history, but a God who speaks, communicates, and reveals Himself, his salvation, grace, goodness, and knowledge to the world.

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