Mr. President of the United States: We Haitians are a Strong People!

I’m deeply hurt and humiliated by the insensitive words of the President of the United States towards Haiti and other African nations. I can’t find the appropriate words to express myself accurately, but I will try….

A few weeks ago, the President of the United States of America wrongly characterized the Haitian people as the AIDS infected-immigrants. This week, he has created a new derogatory category for their country: a shithole country.

The character of a people or nation is not (or should not be) measured by their wealth, geographic location, and the color of their skin, but by their inherent human dignity and moral virtues, their resistance to oppression and dehumanization, their love for freedom and passion for justice, their collective efforts toward human flourishing, and their determination to explore future possibilities for themselves and to work together with other people for the common good of all people. The Haitian people may be poor, but they’re never stopped striving to create a better future for themselves. They are a strong people with a great sense of identity and history.

The worth of a person is not contingent upon that individual’s wall of fame, academic pedigree, or race. Every person is a human being and inherently valuable and worthy to receive hospitality and a fair treatment. People need to be accepted solely on the basis of their humanity and human dignity. That’s it.

In the same line of thought, my prayer is that my Christian brothers and sisters will not support the President’s merit-based immigration proposal–as that is the antithesis of the biblical call to care for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the stranger/immigrant, etc.—and that they would embody the Gospel of hospitality by defending the rights of the (most) Vulnerable and their right to life.

I would like to conclude this brief post with this intercessory prayer to the God of all People and All Nations

“A Prayer for National Healing for a Wounded President and Country”

Lord: We pray in this way for holistic healing and restoration of this Nation and its President:

where there’s hate, grant us us love.
where there’s despair, give us hope.
where there’s division, grant us unity.
where there’s chaos, give us peace.
where there’s isolation, grant us community.
where there’s sin, give us repentance.
where there’s retaliation, grant us forgiveness.
where there’s vengeance, grant us reconciliation.

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